Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom ~Aristotle
All that is required to realize the self is to be still ~ Ramana Maharshi
We are the mirror as well as the face in it ~Rumi
Unfold your own myth ~Rumi
This weeks #TuesdayTip features an excellent question from Heather Gregory: "What are the benefits of Eagle Arms/Legs?" Eagle Pose, Garudasana is wonderful pose to practice to improve balance. This postures strengthens and stretches our legs, ankles, hips and shoulders. Eagle arms is an excellent way to stretch out the upper back and shoulders and can be done at your sitting at your desk, on your couch or in your car after a long drive. Thanks Heather for the question! We've been loving everyone's request for #tuesdaytips! What do you want to see next week?
‪#‎MondayMantra‬: Peace begins with a smile. ~Mother Teresa
Another look at our new Namaste postcards. Comment below for a chance to win a pack of our new postcards #yogagrams
#regram @ajuneriches: ardha hanumanasana - half splits pose
Just one more from our recent #namastefood post. Visit our website for the full recipe: www.namaste.tv
A little something from @ajuneriches, yoga teacher and producer at Namaste TV. "This is one of my favourite weekday breakfasts. I’ll mix it up the night before and leave it in the fridge overnight for the flavours to come together and the chia seeds to soak. The end product is a thick, bright yellow yogurt that can be topped with berries, granola, or your favourite nuts and seeds. It can also be made using non-dairy yogurts. Use less almond milk and more chia seeds for a thicker yogurt. Or use regular yogurt instead of greek for a thinner, more drinkable breakfast. Play around with the ingredients and enjoy!"
Our first recipe from @ajuneriches is up on the Namaste TV journal! Photographed and styled by the talented @thepursuitofgluttony. We’ would love to hear what you think, so be sure to leave a comment below on what recipes you would like to see next. Or better yet, post a photo of your creation on and us the tags ‪#‎superfoodyogurt‬ ‪#‎namastefood‬ and tag @ajuneriches and @namaste.tv
Namaste postcards coming to you soon! Who's excited #yogagram
We are so grateful for our growing and contributing yoga community. We would like to thank our yoga community by giving out a Namaste TV prize pack to a few amazing fans. Comment below for a chance to win one our prize packs. Tag a friend to give them a chance to win as well! Winners will be announced March 31, 2015.
#regram from @michelle_brunet #yogaforlife #namastetv
#regram @ericablitz: Thinking about yoga ... #inquireandinspire #natprodexpo @namaste.tv @nubeleaf
We want to share health and yoga with you! Stop by booth #395 @natprodexpo for your copy of Namaste Yoga Season 3! #expowest @nubeleaf @namaste.tv #regram @ericablitz
Find @EricaBlitz​, the yoga master who designed the sequences for Season 3 and 4 of Namaste Yoga at the @natprodexpo​. Swing by booth #395 for free sample DVDs and chances to win our Namaste TV prize pack. If you aren't able to swing by the booth you still have a chance to win a #NamasteTV prize pack by commenting below! #prizes #samplessamplessamples #expowest
It's that time of the week ‪#‎ThrowbackThursday‬. This week we ‪#‎throwback‬ to Season 1 Gate Opening sequence. This sequence creates a graceful flow using both strength and balance. In this uplifting practice, we increase upper body strength and flexibility of the shoulders. Try this sequence and let us know how you feel! ‪#‎yogaforlife‬ ‪#‎namastetv‬ ‪#‎tbt‬
RT @snigdha0495: @melaniietweets bessst part <3 I finally got a yoga channel to stick wid @namastetv love u #foreverMELANIIEfan :) http://t
This weeks ‪#‎tuesdaytip‬ is for Sukhasana: Easy Pose Do not be fooled by the name. Sukhasana, easy pose is not so easy. Especially if we spend a lot of our time sitting in chairs. Sitting in chairs tightens our hips and weakens our back and abdominal muscles. Thus making it hard for us to find a comfortable sitting position on the floor. We can change this! To find full length in your spine try sitting on some height, a block, bolster or a blanket will help. Bringing your palms together will help expand the chest and open the collarbones. Give it a try and let us what you would like to see for next weeks ‪#‎tuesdaytips‬
Sun Inspiration. Sunspiration? : @bluevans via @ray.arias #yogaforlife #namastetv
Island Ocean Vibes : @camleeyoga #yogaforlife #namastetv
Bye for now. I hope you enjoyed the view as much as I did here at Wanderlust Festival Oahu. Stay tuned by following my Instagram or the Namaste TV facebook page for upcoming events hosted by myself. #IGtakeover by @judyswens #wloahu #yogaforlife #peace #love #yogaeverydamnday
And we loved. #wloahu #wanderlust2015 #yogaforlife #love #dreaminginsanskrit #music #djdrez #IGtakeover by @judyswens
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