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Inspire Your Yoga

We have a simple goal: to produce the world’s premier instructional yoga classes. Our videos have inspired thousands of viewers around the world to incorporate yoga into their everyday lives, and we hope that we’ll get you hooked as well!

You can purchase all three seasons of Namaste Yoga on DVD, as a digital download, or to be conveniently streamed from any of your devices. If you are new to us, we recommend starting with our Beginner Bundle, a curated selection of six classes from Seasons 1 to 3. If you would like to get a taste of our videos first, we encourage you to try our sampler pack. We also encourage you to sign up for our newsletter to get free videos, discounts, and yoga inspiration delivered right to your inbox -- not to mention our monthly giveaway that you'll automatically be entered in as long as you are on the list!

Please get in touch if you have any questions. Our yoga teachers would love to help you kickstart or deepen your practice. You can email hello [at] or find us on social media @namastetv

See you on the mat soon! Namaste.

P.S. We are proudly based in Vancouver, Canada.

Want to learn more about us? Pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee and we’ll dive into the whole story…

... which begins in 2004 when production kicked off on the first season of Namaste Yoga. The series aired on television channels around the world from France, Portugal and Spain to Scandinavia, Latin America, and the Middle East, to India, Canada, and the United States. We have produced three seasons with a fourth on the way, a special series on Ayurvedic yoga, and loads of free online content including tutorials and short sequences to help you advance your home yoga practice.

World-Class Instructors

Our search for quality began with the best yoga instructors we could find. A great teacher does more than tell you where to put your feet—they’re a guide, a mentor and an inspiration. We needed people who could translate that to the screen, and we found them.

Seasons 1 and 2 are choreographed and narrated by Kate Potter, and Seasons 3 and 4 by Erica Blitz. Both instructors bring unique styles and strengths to their sequences, and the seasons can be practised in any order.

Stunning Visuals

From the beginning we wanted to do more than point a camera at a classroom. Our sequences are filmed amid the scenery of the Pacific Northwest in brilliant high definition. Like yoga itself, we hope to inspire and transport you with the most beautiful yoga videos out there.

Yoga for Everyone

We believe yoga is for everyone, and to that end we’ve created yoga for beginners and experts alike, no matter your age or fitness level. People come to yoga for stress relief, for fitness, weight loss, and personal growth. Our goal is to create videos that can help anyone achieve their aim.

We are passionate about finding ways to share yoga with a larger and larger community. We talk to a lot of people who have heard about “this yoga thing” and feel that they should really give it a try. But there is a missing link between them actually beginning a yoga practice. We hope to help you make that link by trying yoga at home, on your time, with the support of our instructors if you ever encounter a challenge or have a question about your practice.

Yoga for Life

There are many different opinions and views on yoga. We have a few strong feelings ourselves, what we call our “Yoga for Life” philosophy:

1. Everyone can benefit from yoga.
2. All styles and traditions of yoga have something great to offer.
3. There is more to yoga than crazy arm balances.
4. Inhale. Exhale. Yoga just happened.
5. There are no rules in yoga, except that everyone can do yoga.
6. Your yoga practice will look different from everyone else’s practice.
7. Yoga is for life, not the other way around.
8. Yoga should never be intimidating or alienating.

Now that you know everything about us, what are you waiting for? Get started now with a Free Sample Episode, our Beginner Bundle, or Season 1 of our collection.