Our goal is to inspire you to incorporate a bit of yoga into your everyday life.

We began as a television series in 2004 called Namaste Yoga. Our first two seasons, designed and narrated by Kate Potter, aired around the world and inspired thousands of viewers to begin a yoga practice. In 2010 we produced Namaste: The Five Elements in Yoga, an Ayurvedic yoga special. Our latest addition to the Namaste Yoga videos is Season 3 and 4, designed and narrated by Erica Blitz.

After selling thousands of DVDs and downloads, we wanted to do more to engage with the community of practitioners who have been using the Namaste Yoga sequences, and to reach other people who were interested in starting a yoga practice. That’s when Namaste TV was born. Our intention with Namaste TV is to post new videos every week — some of the videos will be inspiring, like free snippets from Namaste Yoga or quotes that we believe in, some, like tutorials and targeted sequences, will be instructional, and some will be just for fun — because we don’t think that yoga needs to be too serious! Subscribe to our email newsletter, YouTube channel, or Facebook page to get all of our latest videos.

We feel strongly about a few things, which we call the “Yoga for Life” philosophy:

1. Everyone can benefit from yoga.
2. All styles and traditions of yoga have something great to offer.
3. There is more to yoga than crazy arm balances.
4. Inhale. Exhale. Yoga just happened.
5. There are no rules in yoga, except that everyone can do yoga.
6. Your yoga practice will look different from everyone else’s practice.
7. Yoga is for life, not the other way around.
8. Yoga should never be intimidating or alienating.

We are passionate about finding ways to share yoga with a larger and larger community. We talk to a lot of people who have heard about “this yoga thing” and feel that they should really give it a try. But there is a missing link between them actually beginning a yoga practice. We hope to help you make that link.

Introduce yourself on one of our (many!) social media channels or by emailing info [at] namaste.tv and let us know what your yoga goals are. We would love to help you kickstart or deepen your practice.

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat soon!


P.S. We are proudly based in Vancouver, Canada.