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What is a Movement Jam?!

A Movement Jam is a playful and informal open practice with an expert teacher to guide and oversee the fun! If you're brand new to yoga or movement, this is the perfect space to learn! You can join a welcoming and supportive community and get one-on-one help with a teacher who can listen to your objectives and provide you with things to work on no matter your age, skill level, or movement background. If you already have a movement practice and are working on something specific you can come and hang out and move with other people who are working on similar or complementary things. No matter what, you'll learn and laugh and move with others... the best!

Most jams will also have a short led component, which will vary depending on the teacher that's hosting. It could be a group warm-up, closing meditation, or learning a cool new movement.

Cartwheels, new friends, and rad playlists await. Let's connect, move, and grow together!