Movement Fundamentals

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Why We Made It

This is our first program outside of yoga and we could not be more excited to offer it to you. The ten fundamental movements that it teaches are designed to increase mobility and movement efficiency for people of all ages and backgrounds. We designed it as much for our existing community of yogis as we did for the growing movement community, as well as those who are currently sedentary but know they need to move more.

The program isn’t about doing cool things — although watch Slava’s videos and you’ll definitely be inspired by the amazing shapes and fluidity that you can create with it! It’s about living pain free, aging gracefully, being better at the activities that you love and - most importantly - reigniting the joy and freedom that comes from moving your body.

Let’s cartwheel!

Slava Goulobov


Whatever your background, integrating more comprehensive movement patterns into your life will be of benefit. The appropriate amount of challenge will present itself to you through this program. Everyone will be a beginner, whether you identify as an “advanced yogi” or a “recovering couch potato.” This program is designed to strengthen body and mind, to compliment pre-existing movement practices such as yoga, running, team sports, etc., to be a catalyst for more creative outlets of expression, and to be a chance for us to come back to our inherently capable, playful, and curious nature.

Amanda Riches

Creative Producer

After a decade of yoga practice I found myself with various injuries and wondering why I didn’t feel like my body moved efficiently or functionally. Sure, I was flexible, but something was missing. When I started working with Slava and began incorporating these fundamental movements into my practice, I realized how imbalanced my body had been. When you can move your body freely without pain, magic happens. This program will unlock that magic for you, just as it did for me. I’m proud to say that everyone will benefit from it - from advanced yogis and movers to children and older bodies. I can’t wait to see where it will take you!

Cam Lee

Brand Manager

I definitely wasn't the kid who could do a cartwheel! I never took gymnastics or dance classes when I was younger. But for over a decade now, I have developed a deep understanding of what it means to be able to move. It's incredibly empowering. I've built a deep connection to my body through my movement practice. It's the kind of therapy that we need in a culture centered around sitting and repetitive motions. I want to share movement as fuel for our bodies, minds, and hearts. I want you to feel as empowered, connected, healthful, and happy in your body as I do now.

Gabriela Schonbach

Executive Producer

I used to play more. I used to run around and play and just move. When did that stop? When did I become too scared of injuring myself that I stopped moving my body? The movement practices in this program have helped me reconnect with the joy of moving. I hope they’ll do the same for you. I’m so grateful to Slava for showing me that feeling old is not an inevitable part of aging. These practices will empower you to age gracefully and to regain the freedom in movement that we all enjoyed in our youth.

Working with Slava

As my practice grows, so do Slava's offerings to me. His vast knowledge base, and physical example, is leading me through notable progress. Just as I feel as though I am getting a certain sequence or pose down, he offers new insight and challenges me to try something different. Both on and off the mat. I feel blessed to have Slava as a teacher and hope to continue practicing with him for years to come!

- Nicole Stratton

As a strength athlete, movement and mobilization are of significant importance. After beginning my journey as a yoga practitioner, I noticed dramatic improvements in proprioception, mobility, and recovery. Not only has yoga become an essential part of my training protocol as a powerlifter, but also a necessity in life for dealing with stress and maintaining health. Thank you, Slava!

- Michael Mannarino

I first met Slava with him hanging upside-down exclaiming, “You could do this too if you practiced your flexibility…” At first, I was very skeptical. But I began to see the world from his perspective. It's taken me over a year to find my balance in the inverted world. But now I can't stop, I love seeing where the body can go. Thank you Slava.

- Tom Stevens

Slava Goloubov changed my life! I took my first class with him two years ago at the recommendation of a friend and have been returning at least twice a week every week ever since. Slava inspires you with his genuine warmth, humour, infectious good nature, and absolute belief that anyone is capable of anything. He somehow manages to make you believe you are limitless, and with this belief comes remarkable personal growth, physically and spiritually.

- Erika Valliere

I would love to reflect my thoughts in Spanish because I have a lot of things to express about how much gratitude I have. Your coaching and your motivation just changed my life. But I will be clear and concise. You know how to bring out the best of your students. You're an innate teacher. Thank you for your time and energy.

- Andrea Macia

I started going to Slava’s classes as a way of stretching out my body after boxing. My intention was to go, maybe, two or three times a week. I now do yoga everyday – and that’s because of Slava. His classes are excellent and, most importantly, open to those of all abilities. Do yourself a favour and take one immediately. You’ll be glad you did.

- Sean Kolenko

Slava is one of the best instructors I’ve encountered. He has a keen eye for seeing people’s potential and pulling it out of them, guiding people to the edges that will evolve them, and instilling a sense of inspiration. Slava’s personal and professional presences display refinement, focus, and possibility. Whatever skill level, experience, or goals someone has, Slava will meet them where they are at and provide a challenging, yet rewarding practice approach.

- Taylor Pearon

Slava has a way in making us all believe in what is possible. He has this incredible way of challenging and encouraging everyone to explore their potential. He is a constant student of movement as well as a teacher so I respect that he also walks his talk. Slava has been a very positive influence on me as a mover and a movement educator and he continues to inspire me in my practice and as a human.

- Shannon Cluff

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