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Namaste Yoga : Seasons 1 - 3

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Season One (13 Episodes)

Namaste Yoga is more than just an exercise video  - it's an experience that will calm your mind, strengthen your body and inspire your soul. Master yoga teacher Kate Potter guides you through 13 classes, all filmed amid the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Season Two (13 Episodes)

Continue your practice with Namaste Yoga: Season Two. Enjoy the same soothing narration, gorgeous cistas and calming music in 13 all new sequences designed by master yoga teacher Kate Potter. Master new poses including Sage Pose, Pigeon Pose and Dancing Shiva, and enjoy the addition of inspiring mantras at the close of each class.

Season Three (13 Episodes)

Take your yoga to the next level with new sequences, new instructors and gorgeous new backdrops filmed in stunning 4K that will engage you, body, mind and spirit. Let master yoga teacher Erica Blitz guide you through 13 originals sequences and powerful new postures including Dolphin Plank, Locust Pose, Eagle Pose and Revolved Standing Hand-to-Foot Pose.
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Collection Features

  • Thirty-nine 20-minute yoga sequences - over 14 hours of yoga!
  • Appropriate for beginner to advanced practitioners
  • Hatha/Vinyasa and Power/Vinyasa style yoga
  • Save $20 from buying them seperately

Benefits of Yoga

  • Gain flexibility and strength, perfect your posture
  • Relieve stress and improve mental clarity, be more productive
  • Improve your self-awareness and reduce negative thinking
  • Lose weight and tone muscle

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